Transposed Media: Explaining Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is a term that is being thrown around left and right these days. Outside of personal research, no one has come out and said what cloud computing really means. As it appears that computing in general is moving towards working in “cloud” environments, taking a few minutes to learn what it is and how it works will bring you out of the dark. There are various facets of cloud computing but are not terribly complicated.

In its simplest terms, cloud computing is utilizing a network, such as the Internet, to distribute computing and computing processes among computers, tablets, phones, etc. Through this network, a business does not have to have its own servers to store and handle all their computing. Instead, a company can provide IT maintenance to a monitor and support the computer network. This eliminates the need for computer-savvy employees.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing puts only the most necessary components of an application out and available to the end user. It is a way of using the Internet to keep the most vital parts of computing near people who do maintenance. It makes computing much more efficient. Only basic computer know-how is needed for these networks.

How It Works

Cloud computing can put certain types of power at the end-users hands. Rather than requiring a powerful machine for the end-user, it is possible to put the majority of the information somewhere else. It is accessed through the Internet or other network connections. There is less need for expensive local computer networks.

Applications of Cloud Computing

Described in the 1950s, the idea of cloud computing as a concept has been around for a very long time. Since then, many computing devices have been created. There are now personal computers, laptops, tablets, hand-held devices, and video gaming devices. Cloud computing can be used on any and all of these platforms.

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